Fun Ideas for Kids on Long Car Journeys

Fun Ideas for Kids on Long Car Journeys

How to keep the whole family entertained on those long car journeys…

“Are we there yet?” - the first of many signals that it’s going to be a long journey. For those hours in between quiet naps, entertainment is needed, which doesn’t necessarily come easy in a moving vehicle. So, if you’ve got a trip planned in the future, here are some fun, car-friendly activities that the family can enjoy…


Travel Packs

Before you go on your trip, ask your little ones what they’d like to have most in their very own travel pack. Think of their best Squishmallow friends, some colouring books, or even their favourite snacks - get them involved from the beginning and hey, maybe even include a few surprises in there. Car journeys always go faster with your favourite things.


Singalong Time

Did someone say, roadtrip? One of the best things about long car journeys is singing along to your favourite songs like noone’s watching. Take some of your kid’s favourite CDs, or even create a family playlist together the night before your trip. Karaoke (or should we say, CARaoke) is now good to go!


Audio Books

After the singing, it’s time for some easy listening. Instead of trying to read from the front seat, plug in some of their favourite audio books or podcasts, sit back and let your speakers take care of the entertaining. Psst - as an added bonus, the soothing sounds might help them to cosy up and catch some Zzzz’s.


Say Cheese!

Pick up some disposable cameras before you go and let your little ones capture their trip through a lens. Whether it’s a funny looking tree outside, or selfies with their Squishmallows, you’ll end up with printed memories from a kid’s eye view.


The Big Car Quiz

What’s the name of the baboon in The Lion King? Is a postbox red or yellow? Prep some family-fun questions and bring a prize for the winner. Think about their favourite movies, or things they’ve learned recently that will be easy to answer (and help to develop their memory at the same time) - it’s a win-win!


Journey Bingo

Eye-spy just levelled up with bingo cards. What will they likely see along the way? A stamp for every time they see a cow? What about a big yellow lorry? The more you include, the longer they’ll spend keeping their eyes peeled out the window, to be the first to shout ‘binggoooo!’


Would You Rather?

Would you rather…eat a bug or sniff grandad’s feet? Create 20 ‘would you rather?’ options for some guaranteed belly laughs. A fun game for all the family.


The Pit Stop Challenge

After all that sitting, it’s good to stop, get out and stretch your legs a little. Once in a safe spot, set an activity-filled pit stop challenge. How many jumping jacks can they do in a minute? Can you keep a hoola hoop going for 30 seconds? The first person to run up to the Squishmallow on the grass, spin around 3 times and run back to the car again, wins! Get everyone moving, active and ready for the next leg of the journey.


What are your favourite car journey activities? Pick up a Squishmallow best friend to take along for the ride...


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