7 At-Home Ideas for Rainy days

7 At-Home Ideas for Rainy days

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but these fun ideas for kids are far from boring.

When the sun shines - it’s easy to keep the kids entertained. However, the British weather isn’t necessarily the best behaved and when the clouds open, there’s always the question of ‘what are we going to do today?’. Here are some of our favourite fun ideas to save for a rainy day…


The Great Family Bake Off

Hmmm, what if there was an activity where a ) the kids could learn something new and b) everyone gets delicious treats at the end. Ahh of course - baking! Find some easy recipes online (or dust off those old cook books) for an all-day baking extravaganza. After they’re ready, make a big pot of tea and get everyone around the table for family tea party, all made by you!


Home Cinema

Lights, camera, action! Instead of hopping in the car to the cinema, bring the cinema magic to you. With a collection of their favourite movies, some official showing times and warm popcorn at the ready, curl up with the kids and their Squishmallows for an all-day movie marathon.


Balloon Olympics

Now, tennis isn’t exactly the type of game you’d want your kids to be playing inside (especially with your favourite lamp on the dresser) but with one simple swap, there could be hours of fun. From football, to volleyball, to golf - blow up a balloon and let the games begin!


Build a Fort

Grab some blankets, cushions, a clothes horse, some fairy lights and their favourite Squishmallow’s for the ultimate indoor activity - fort building. The best bit? It’s a challenge that everyone can get involved with and it teaches the kids to work as a team. Once it’s ready, snacks are always welcome.


Hide the Squishmallow

The name of the game, is pretty much in the name of the game. Get your little ones to count to 50 (or as high as they can go) and hide their favourite Squishmallow characters throughout the house. Hide 1 or a few and see who can find them in the shortest time.


80s Aerobics Class

Get your sweatbands at the ready for an activity that gets the whole family moving. Remember those old aerobics classes from the 80s? Pop on an old Jane Fonda workout tape or get stretching to your favourite 80s songs for a fun-filled afternoon.


Mucky Pups

Nothing wrong with a little rain, right? If you’re getting cabin fever, grab those wellies, a waterproof jacket and an umbrella to simply, well - go out and play in the rain. No trying to stay dry, no running to the car - just jumping in puddles and singing in the rain.


Hopefully, you won’t have a week of rainy days, but if you ever do, these should hopefully help to tide things over until the sun shines again. What are your favourite rainy day games?


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