Squishmallows Care

Squishmallows Care

  • Washing

Squishmallows are machine washable. For regular washes, Squishmallows SHOULD NOT be washed on their own. Squishmallows should be washed with bedding and similar materials to ensure the machine does not damage them and so they will maintain their squish magic.

Make sure your washing machine isn’t set to high heat. It’s best to wash Squishmallows in COOL or LUKE WARM water. For extra special care, you can also put them in a pillowcase and tie it closed.

If you’ve happened to get something on your Squishmallows, try using a simple stain remover pen or wet wipe to help before putting them in the machine.


  • Drying

Dry your Squishmallows in the dryer and tumble dry at low heat or air fluff. They don’t like to get too hot! You should NOT use a hairdryer, iron, or other handheld heated appliance to dry your Squishmallows.

Your Squishmallows may lose shape after a wash and dry, so all you need to do is give a little extra squish to get the shape back and your Squishmallow will be ready for more adventures!


  • Other things to consider when you receive your Squishmallows

When opening your Squishmallows packaging, please be careful with any sharp objects to avoid accidentally damaging your new squad member.

On very rare occasions, Squishmallows may have an extra thread sticking out from the factory. If you see a thread that is undone, do not pull out the thread, instead, cut it off as close to the seam as possible or consider hemming to prevent further unraveling.

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